A title study of one of my favorite sci-fi novels, Frank Herbert's Dune.

Focused around the traveling path of a single drop of the water of life, the sequence attempts to capture the moment of the re-awakening of the self. The drop of water, represents both a physical drop as well as a vessel for the consciousness and the the spirit of being  as it  folds inner and outer space.


Where first is only  black endless void, a flickering light appears, and grows larger, pushing ahead at high speed towards the camera. We  catch up, and move with it,  revealing a profile view of the droplet. It's appearance is liquid like, translucent, reflective, ever moving and shifting, with a long tail pushing forward in space at an intense velocity and speed. 

With it we move  into inner space.  With red and pinkish lights flashing, illuminating the inner walls of the space we  subtly float and shift, as if its immersed in liquid. A small moving shape appears towards the top of the frame, moving downwards, tumbling and falling.

We pull back, reversing quickly back out through the eye, out through the womb and the droplet, continuing outwards until  we  approach a watery reflective surface. Making contact with the surface, the title is revealed.