Black Panther

Joining my friends at Cantina Creative I was tasked to create HUD elements for the Royal Talon Fighter, piloted by Okoye in the early part of the film. Functions ranged from ship controls, steering and idle states to the more active weapon systems used by colonel Ross later in the story.

The designs needed to fit into the vibrant palette of styles and colors that had already been set in the Black Panther world, and I was thrilled to get a chance to contribute to it. For the windshield HUD, I wanted the elements to feel primal, and mimic the wingspan of a bird of prey. The steering elements were heavily influenced by African masks and jewelry patterns, to complement the beads present in the other Wakanda’n tech. The gold was a natural choice not just for royalty, buy also as an element present in much of Okoye’s suit, and finally, shining like the golden feathers of a great bird.

The end results turned out amazing, and I am honored to have been a part of this production. Thanks to everyone involved, and all the people at Cantina for their support and contributions. Wakanda forever!



Design, and Art Direction / Kristoffer Brady

Executive Producer / Sean Cushing
Creative Director / Stephen Lawes
VFX Supervisor / Alan Torres

Produced with /  Cantina

Interface design

A selection of user interface designs. 

STILL_IMG_0028_Layer 3
STILL_IMG_0027_Layer 1
STILL_IMG_0026_Layer 2
STILL_IMG_0025_Layer 4
STILL_IMG_0024_Layer 5
STILL_IMG_0023_Layer 6
STILL_IMG_0022_Layer 10
STILL_IMG_0021_Layer 11
STILL_IMG_0020_Layer 12
STILL_IMG_0013_Layer 16
STILL_IMG_0012_Layer 17
STILL_IMG_0011_Layer 18
STILL_IMG_0001_Layer 28
STILL_IMG_0000_Layer 29
STILL_IMG_0009_Layer 20
STILL_IMG_0008_Layer 21
STILL_IMG_0007_Layer 22
STILL_IMG_0005_Layer 24
Film Screens

A selection of stills from the final film.

STILL_IMG_FILM_0023_Layer 1
STILL_IMG_FILM_0020_Layer 4
STILL_IMG_FILM_0018_Layer 6
STILL_IMG_FILM_0017_Layer 7
STILL_IMG_FILM_0014_Layer 10
STILL_IMG_FILM_0012_Layer 12
STILL_IMG_FILM_0011_Layer 13
STILL_IMG_FILM_0007_Layer 17
STILL_IMG_FILM_0004_Layer 20
STILL_IMG_FILM_0003_Layer 21
STILL_IMG_FILM_0002_Layer 22
STILL_IMG_FILM_0001_Layer 23