Throughout my career, I’ve worked as a designer, art director, illustrator, animator, writer, all sometimes blurring together, depending on the task at hand. I’ve worked in a number of different fields, from interactive to product, platform to content, VR and gaming, to entertainment and feature films. During that time I have been fortunate enough to work with some of the top studios and alongside amazingly talented individuals that continue to inspire and push me further every day.

Tools have evolved and changed. Industry standards become old news, quickly replaced by something new. I’ve embraced the idea that learning new skills and being versatile is a necessary part of the job. It’s helped me to succeed professionally as well as realize my own ideas and ambitions.

Currently I'm focused on making things move at Framer, creating content for film, gaming, and interactive media as well as a number of personal projects.

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I currently live in Amsterdam where I drink a lot of coffee and say hella hella.  If you would like to work on something together or just to reach out and say hi,  you can find me via any of the following links below.


2018 Loupe, Amsterdam, NL
2015 Oculus Connect 2, Hollywood, CA
2010 European Design Festival, Rotterdam, NL
2010 Adobe User Group, Amsterdam, NL