Story first.

Story is at the center of everything I do. It’s what draws me to this work and connects me to both the audience and the people creating it. The quality of the work is always best when it has an emotional resonance. The most rewarding elements of what I do—building worlds, discovering new tools, collaborating with other artists—all come from this place.


I'm a multi-disciplinary concept designer working in film, games and interactive media. 

Currently I'm focused on creating work primarily for films and games, as well as a number of personal projects.



These are some of the studios I've had the privilige of working with:

/ Marvel
/ Dreamworks
/ Warner Brothers
/ Activision
/ One of Us
/ Cantina
/ Oculus
/ Territory
/ B-Reel


I'm available world wide. If you'd like to work on something great together or just to reach out and say hi with a comment or idea, you can find me via any of the following links below.